walmart on facebook. beginning of the end?

Walmart has launched a Facebook application (you'll need a Facebook account to see this) that some say has been hijacked.

I think it's great that they're there. And trying. Parts of their promotion made me say "awesome", and other things made me say "ummmm...."

+ For recognizing the value of Facebook, and not attempting to create your own social network.
+ For producing an application that allows (even negative) posting and conversation.
+ For linking specific products that (seem) well targeted to the needs of the audience.
+ For attempting to be there. It's a step. More than you can say for some other uncool brands.

+ Forgetting that your audience of college kids are smart. And cynical. Why not turn the conversation into the focal point? Talk "green", talk economics of walmart, and ask "what can we do different?"

+ Forgetting that college kids don't generally think of Walmart as being cool. Wrong to ignore this. One commenter says: "BOOO Wal-Mart, you suck! You unethical, wage-sucking scum, you forget that college students are less ignorant than our parents, we don't ignore what you do to this country."

So why not bring the outside conversation in? There are plenty of strong arguments for their side of the fence, too.

If nothing else, it's fun to watch the conversation.

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