this week at Plaid:

Here's what happened this week at the world's most magnificent design and branding firm:

Rob finished concepts for a promotion we're doing for David Gilmour, and also for a media buying agency's site.

David launched the first stage of a 2007 site for Iron Horse Bikes, and finished concepts for an entirely new site for K2 bikes. He also nearly launched a beautious website for the bariatrics division of a hospital - which should go live next week.

Matt had a busy week with a photo shoot, a video shoot and loads of design work for a new microsite he's working on. He also did conceptual work for a theater's brochure. He's pictured above at the video shoot, with Brian McAward, Director of Photography.

Justus edited tons of video, and worked on some title movements, for five different video projects that are in-house.

Brian the intern returned to college. Thursday was his last day. Before leaving, he was sure to show the entire agency how he could kick everyone's ass at Guitar Hero. His chops were indeed impressive, but the big surprise was when Giuli rocked the game. Seriously. Guns and Roses may be calling her for their next tour.

Today was Justus' birthday. Since he sooo loves broadway shows, Brian made him a custom Justus version Lion King cake. Justus danced like a little girl in delight. (And he's gonna kick my ass for saying so.)

Off for a sweet, three day weekend. Enjoy.


Brian said...

I hope the cake was as tasty as it looked, I also can't help to think there was mail and/or checks sitting on my desk today waiting to be dropped off at their respective locations, and I have come to the conclusion that once you go Plaid you never want to go back to WestConn....

Anonymous said...

I missed it all in favor of fireworks and cheese in Wisconsin.

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