this week at Plaid:

Here's what happened this week at the world's most awesome design and branding firm:

We discussed physics. No, really. During lunch on Thursday, the conversation turned to physics. Sounds really intelligent, but in reality none of us could figure out the basic laws of gravity. I think we're better suited to discussions on psychics.

Matt finished some work for J. Holiday, which should launch in the next week or so. He also completed some spectacular work for the Westport Country Playhouse, and a hospital. David, Rob and Leigh continued work on new sites for Iron Horse Bikes and K2 Bikes. Justus completed a rough cut for Harris Connect. Rob launched a blog for Spherion, worked on a new web 2.0 tool, and completed conceptual work for another agency's site.

Giuli eliminated the clumsy PC from her life, and went Mac. Our office is now 100% mac, with the exception of a couple of platform testing machines, which we hide in a corner.

You may remember that we completed a re-branding of our agency. One of the last items with the old name is the entrance from our elevator vestibule. Today, Jeremy (pictured above), began installing the new Plaid components. Actually, more than anything, he removed the VIA stuff. And wrapped the elevator doors in Plaid. We'll hopefully complete the install next week.

The entire office has been pooling together and buying Lotto tickets. And with each drawing, we lose. The next drawing is tomorrow night. Today, three of us got tired of feeding money to Lotto. So if the office wins on Saturday, you can expect to see Brian, Matt and myself working hard on Monday. While everyone else is flying first class to a beach somewhere.

David took his first vacation days of the year, and headed to New Hampshire. Justus is enjoying a nice three day weekend camping. Can't imagine Justus fitting into a backpacking tent, but who knows.

Oh yeah - summer finally returned to the northeast, as the rest of the week felt like fall. (yech.) Have a great weekend!

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