this week at Plaid:

Here's what happened this week at the world's greatest design and branding firm:

This is the week dedicated to the toilet. Specifically, the Plaid FlushMaster 4000. Our plumber says "that toilet will flush anything." We say "our office will be a test of that statement." It's got so much power the room vibrates on flush. And it's Plaid. See Brian's special install here. I've had the gnomes moved, because I swear they're staring at my private parts.

Lots of almosts this week. Almost launched a site for the bariatrics division of a hospital. Almost completed something for J Holiday. Almost completed concepts for a print ad campaign. Almost launched a couple of blogs. So next week - that should bring a bunch of closure to our week of "almost".

We're also working on two really fun 'skunkworks' projects. Things we'd like to tell you about, but people would have us killed.

The Intern Brian installed a webcam in one of our brainstorm areas. Now you can keep an eye on us. I'm pretty sure some funky stuff happens on that couch.

Have a plaid-tastic weekend!

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