this week at Plaid:

Here's what happened this week at the world's greatest design and branding firm:

It's the first week we're all back in the office together, following the tour. So much fun. That's me above, getting totally stoked that we had almost made it to Dallas. (Right before losing a shoe in 3 inches of mud, and remembering that Texas has rattlesnakes.)

Ryan is digitizing and editing hours and hours of tour footage, and we should have clips documenting all of the fun people we met live by next week.

We enjoyed the vancam so much on tour that we're going to install it at our office. So that you can keep an eye on us. Especially David. We're pretty sure he's up to no good.

We've started loads of new projects, which we love. Web 2.0 applications, an e-card site, a mapping sweepstakes, several product catalog sites, and some other stuff that I can't remember at the moment. In talks with a few new clients that we've met on tour. THAT'S EXCITING. Proof it worked.

Our office bathroom is getting a new toilet. We've already named it the Flushmaster 4000. Supposedly, it will flush anything. (Our office will be a real test.) Brian is working on having the toilet seat wrapped in Plaid. Because that's what interns do best.

I'm really glad to be sitting at a desk, but part of me also thinks we should be leaving right now, to drive somewhere new.

Have a Plaidlicious weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I vote for Plaidacious.

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