sketchbooks to make you jealous

Sooo sad that I missed this show at the NY Art Director's Club. An inside look into designers Moleskine notebooks. The clip above is what Paula Scher doodled on a flight to vacation. Because she's brilliant like that, and enjoys showing you her spectacularness, so that you can feel less talented about yourself. Or inspired. You choose.

And - if you happen to be inspired, and want a funky new Moleskine to sketch in, check our House of Plaid site later this week. We're adding a limited edition Plaid sketchbook. It rawks.

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*IPHQ* said...

Super cool. I'm a firm believer that every designer worth their salt should try to spend at least 1 hour away from the screen every day with just a pen and paper. There's just a tactile connection you get there that you don't with your laptop and your aren't constrained by your polygon tool in Photoshop to come up with something cool looking.

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