sharpie marker tattoos rock

Not ready for the real thing? How about a Sharpie Marker tattoo? What a cool promotional event idea. Have artists give sweet marker tattoos at your trade show booth.

I wonder if Sharpie had anything to do with organizing this Flickr photo set. Or, if they're embracing it and using it to their advantage?

This is a MASSIVE opportunity for the brand, if they're not already on it. Fun with markers could sell a lot of product.


Anonymous said...

Here it comes from the horse's mouth. I AM a designer for Sharpie. We've talked about this in the past and the legal types are INSANE about even hinting that you write on your skin with a product thats full of semitoxic solvents. So yeah there ya go.

We had a tattoo marker out a couple years ago that used natural dyes and it was a flop.

Thanks as always for the awesome blog.

darryl ohrt said...


Anonymous said...

how do you get them to last, they start to fade and when they get wet?

Dr.Candy said...

Having given myself countless sharpie tattoos (I don't want to commit to a real one) I will tell you that sharpie tattoos smear and rub off all over the place. They look good for less than 1 day. I wish they would work though.

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