phonebooks = garbage.

The other day, Brian our intern was cleaning some bookshelves (because that's the kind of challenging work that interns do on some days) and we realized how many phone books we had accumulated. And we joked about how they've pretty much become useless weights of paper. As we're tossing them away.

And then, as I was leaving our building's lobby yesterday, I noticed the phone company had delivered a bunch of phone books. And they just threw them in a heaping pile, like the garbage they are. Way to create perceived value. "Here's some new phone books. We've conveniently piled them like garbage, so that you know what they are."

Trees are dying. Someone call Al Gore.

1 comment:

Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy said...

-delurk-In my building, there is a huge stack of NEW phone books just sitting there. People are not picking them up (including ourselves!) I can't remember the last time I opened one. Before the WWW, probably.

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