media: we're tired of second life. let's move on to facebook.

Prepare for the media frenzy. Now that mainstream media is done reporting on SecondLife (without actually ever experiencing it), it seems they're ready to jump on to the next bandwagon.

Get ready for a host of stories about Facebook, from reporters who don't use it, or don't get it. MakeTheLogoBigger points to the Valleywag post on the BusinessWeek article, where they made a few booboos in Facebook etiquette, showing their inexperience with the tool.

We're recommending Facebook for many clients. But it's not for everyone. So before the media spin gets out of control, before you throw great money into the latest trend, ask "Why am I doing this? What do I expect in return? What benefit does this provide to the Facebook audience?"

And then spend katrillions of dollars with agencies like ours. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I’m just one more link in the chain.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but I don't see how this ties in with Britney or Lindsay.

Hal said...

honest question: why Facebook over MySpace?

darryl ohrt said...

Hal: I think it depends on the audience, the brand and the goal. Facebook has certainly garnered more attention and membership lately, but both are viable properties, IMO.

Every strategy plan should be unique to the audience and brand. For some Facebook would be perfect, for others, MySpace. We have clients with successful campaigns in either. Or both.

That said, those side scrolling zany backgrounds on MySpace annoy the crap out of me. But that's me.

*IPHQ* said...

Facebook over MySpace any day of the week if you ask me. As part of the older male buying demographic (i.e., 31), I prefer Facebook because there's a lot less CRAP on it. I hopped on the MySpace train before it exploded and I think it just got too big for its britches. Too many people, too many silly programs, animations and sound clips - all built in a program that isn't even designed to handle it all. Facebook is my friend. Most of my colleagues use it as well and a lot of work related communication happens right on Facebook.

I do think it is funny that the media catches wind of stuff so late in its life cycle, though. Yeah, Facebook rocks, been it's been around for how long?!? I always tell my wife that Facebook is the MySpace for adults. To which she responds to me with a slug in the arm as she adds more crap to her MySpace profile and tells me to shutup.

What the media really needs to be talking about is Virb. ( - as an example). It's how MySpace Music SHOULD look, function and feel...i.e., LESS CRAP.

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