lord and taylor will try and be cool

Lord and Taylor is about to launch a $10 million dollar re-branding campaign. To let us know that they're really cool. A new brand image is awesome, but I hope they bring Ben Sherman product back. And kick Tommy Bahama out on his ass. I'm just saying.


Anonymous said...

“Discover cool all over again-for the first time.”

Anonymous said...

FYI: those bags & boxes come at a cost. One gift box costs $3.11 The boxes dont fit in the bags when they are flat. Customers hate the new boxes. The boxes rip and DO NOT come pre-assembled. Associates were asked to work overtime to pre-assemble the boxes. We are threatened not to give customers small bags because the medium size bags "are the appropriate size bag for the purchase". Employees must prove they made a purchase in order to walk around with a bag. Bags are made in China. Why are they so expensive? They don't spend money on wages, so they can afford to hire an US company to make the bags. Heck, even a Canadian company!

Anonymous said...

Exec. VP of L&T to an associate after she used the new tissue paper to wipe her nose: "If I see you use tissue paper again to blow your nose, it will come out of your paycheck."

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