i am not the bionic woman

To promote the upcoming premier of Bionic Woman (yes!), NBC just launched a Bionic Assessment Test, where you can test your bionic skills. If you score high enough, you'll unlock "exclusive content."

The test results pictured above prove that I am indeed only 27% bionic. I am not the bionic woman. Which I'm pretty stoked about, since I'm a man. But I would like to know how I can put my 27% bionics to better use. I'm thinking Badminton.


Anonymous said...

I could have sworn you were at least 32% bionic woman! Anyways, boxball, kickball and hop-scotch are also very good game choices for 20%+ bionic woman men.

(you left yourself open D!)

darryl ohrt said...

Those are good suggestions. I'm thinking Four Square is the game. It's all the rage in geekville.


(And a bionic woman man could kick a geek's ass any day.)

Kevin said...

I just took the test and I am 53% bionic....it was the dang scrambled keyboard that got me. fun...

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