HP's new campaign - something for everyone.

HP's got a wonderful new campaign that's been making the rounds. The piece features profiles of Jake Burton and hotalicious cute muffin Gwen Stefani. But here's what really got my attention. They also profiled Paula Scher. (Watch her profile, if you don't already know who she is.)

They've provided something really amazing here. Paula has designed several business templates for small businesses. This is the equivalent of Philippe Starck bringing products to Target. Fantabulous design for people that couldn't ordinarily afford great design.

I've met countless small business owners with their business identities that were designed by their cousins, or that utilized a bad template, with perforated business cards from Staples. It's embarrassing. Paula Scher has produced an acceptable option for those that can't afford to hire real graphic designers. Sweet.

Awesome brand building, HP.


Hal said...

part of me agrees that what Scher is doing is cool. another part of me has to ask the question: Should we, the design community, make it easier for people NOT to hire us?

honestly, in many cases i would argue that if you can't afford to hire a real graphic designer, then you can't afford to be in business.

design programs are getting increasingly user-friendly, which has spawned an entirely new generation of people who "think" that they are creative. as if that is all there is to design. (thank you, MS Publisher)

i know many designers who already fight the mentality among their clients that the only difference between the two of them is that the designer is the person who "knows how to use the software."

is the proliferation of bad design that's out there - and the general public's inability to recognize it as such - positioning us to become little more than button pushers?

darryl ohrt said...

I know. I had the same thought when I first discovered the site.

But this is very different than the executive assistant with a new copy of inDesign. That's without question, absolutely wrong.

What Paula/HP have done is a little bit different. They've provided a high design option, from a real designer, for people that could never afford one.

I think that Paula's given small businesses a taste of what design can do for them. How it can position them. So that they can realize first hand the power of design.

And when they experience positive results - that will bring these businesses to the doorsteps of designers, for more work.

That's my theory, anyway.

Hal said...

good theory. I'm willing to bite.

while the challenges i noted in my earlier comment are an unfortunate reality for many of us, Paula's joint effort with HP is probably not gas on that fire.

admittedly, i commented prematurely. after playing with the app for a few minutes i quicly realized that, while it is cool, it's probably not going to cause any of us to miss a meal any time soon.

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