chris anderson gives up on second life

There have been plenty of failed brands with failed business plans in Second Life. And it's no surprise that most of the commercial builds in Second Life are now abandoned ghost towns. But Chris Anderson is the Editor of Wired Magazine. Chris Anderson defined an entire economic/business movement in his best seller "The Long Tail." And Chris Anderson is giving up on Second Life.

Now it's time to pay attention. Second Life has value for many people. But it's not for everyone. In fact, it's not for most brands. Before you spend a percentage of your marketing budget on a build - find out what you expect to get in return.

For Wired Magazine, it's important to be viewed as the early adopters of any new technology. I trust them to explore, explain and identify new trends. So, I expected them to have a build early on, and was pleased to visit them there. But can the same be said for Tide? Or Playtex? Not yet.

More importantly, this post give an excellent opportunity to show off Justus' pants, in Second Life. Hands down the best pants. Justus' pants have not, nor will not give up on Second Life. Just in case you were concerned.


Anonymous said...

"Second Life" is fast becoming the "" of the 21st century: seemed like a good idea at the time, but at the end of the day - who really cares?

Anonymous said...

The regulars there are probably breathing a sigh of relief.

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