can we all just bring laptops to meetings?

Swissmiss points to an interesting NY Times article, and asks "are you using your laptop in meetings?"

What a conundrum. In every meeting that I attend, I always wish that it were more appropriate to use my laptop for notes. Because our project management system is web-based, it would even be more efficient.

Yet, if it's my meeting, and other people have their laptops open, I feel like they're not focused. Which, is usually a ridiculous thought, in this hyper multi-tasking industry.

What about you?

(photo: Peter Yates for the NY Times)


the developher said...

If you're face to face with your colleagues in a meeting, be present. Head down in a laptop or typing on a Blackberry is rude at best. There is value in sitting down together to discuss something, take a break from the Internet, focus up and participate in what's going on in the here and now!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, how do I put this delicately–for me–it’s annoying as hell.


I lived the nightmare of this at a previous agency. EVERYONE used laptops in meetings. On one hand you think cool, we can go anywhere in the place, catch a wireless signal and all be on the same page.

But two probs.

One as eva mentions: rudeness factor. Unintentional maybe, as you probably are paying attention, but need to look at what you’re typing. However, many times you aren’t. You’re IMing friends, or surfing (if your screen isn’t tied into the presentation at hand).

Two: noisy keyboards. Nobody used Macs except for me and my partner. All PCs. Thanks to Gates and his most excellent grasp of ergonomics, all PC keyboards are about as sensitive as Archie Bunker–and twice as loud.

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