Week 2 - The Intern(al) take over

A weekly report from the illustrious Plaid intern, Brian.

Wow, week 2 done already? This trip is going by much faster than I thought. I wonder if the guys on the road feel the same way? As always, this week's happenings at the most Plaid design and branding firm were anything but dull: a building fire, dog urination, and temperamental fax machines!

Before I get into this week's story, I just want to report to Darryl: Mr. Plain "Borrowed" (embezzled) $1.25 from the petty cash today for a soda. Let me know if I should take some action.

Quite a bit happened this week. FIRE! Someone set a mattress-a-blaze in the back alley next to our building. (I suspect Dave was involved, in an effort to close the company early.) Firefighters saved the day, and no real harm to the building or our space.

If that wasn't enough excitement, a dog preceded to relieve him/herself on the rug in our brainstorm area. (Another thing that I should report to Darryl.) I happened to be sick on this day. As you can see from the above photo, the designers are recruiting to replace me with the dogs (probably Dave's idea).

I found it funny that when I checked my e-mail that night and saw that the Plaid van was having some webcam issues. Proof that they could not solve problems without the power of an intern. As for the fax machine problem, it now likes to beep randomly and if you try to send a fax or pick up the phone, a very polite man tells you to "Please hang up and dial again". But not to worry, the kind folks at at&t are going to fix it.

That about does it for me this week. Not as exciting as last week, but who knows what week 3 will bring!

1 comment:

Giuli said...

for the record, a visiting dog named Justice (?) did the peeing - not super well-behaved Cricket and Ashby (a.k.a. UnderDog)

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