webster makes ginormous decision

Merriam-Webster added one of my favorite words into the dictionary. Ginormous.

Some people aren't happy. Like asshat Allan Metcalf, a professor of English at MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Illinois, who says about GINORMOUS: "A new word that stands out and is ostentatious is going to sink like a lead balloon," he said. "It might enjoy a fringe existence." Geez. I'll bet he's a lot of fun at parties.

I'm stoked about Webster's wordalicious decision. It's awesome. Thanks for the tip, Bill!


Unknown said...

come to think of it, is "geez" is in there?!

Anonymous said...

I just enjoy that it's between "gin mill" and "gin rummy." I want to go and play gin rummy in a ginormous gin mill. Mmm, gin.

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