nbc tries social media. then forgets to update.

To promote the new NBC show Chuck, a new show about a computer geek (modeled after Geek Squad guys, I guess), they've created a dashboard to emulate Chuck's machine.

There are some very good ideas implemented. They've integrated Chuck versions of today's more popular social media tools like delicious, Ning, Twitter and others.

But they seem to have dropped it at that. Chuck's Twitter page seems to be dead, past his initial Twitter, as seen above. Same goes for many of the social sites setup in Chuck's name.

Not sure if the agency is taking a break, if NBC's budget didn't carry this far, or they're just waiting for something...but that's a mistake.

The lesson for businesses here is that if you're going to USE social media, use it. Don't create an empty Second Life presence, an empty Twitter page, or non-active social network page. It would be better not to embrace it at all. Chuck just lost an opportunity to build anticipation for his big debut. Later, Chuck.


Whoever said...

What if they are just showing how most people actually use those services? I have about 30 accounts out there that I went in, set one thing up and bailed on. Maybe they are like two steps ahead of you with the ubermeta marketing.


Unknown said...

I don't buy it. If they wanted to show how people use these tools, an empty Twitter won't do it.

It wouldn't take that much effort to really push this over the edge. An intern assigned to this task could easily take care of all of these items, and continuously build anticipation for the show's premier.

This was REALLY impressive that they went this far - but such a letdown that they didn't go to the finish line.

Anonymous said...

Not even a letdown really - it becomes negative marketing for his brand. The online version of:
1.Have gun,
2.point down at foot,
3.pull trigger

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