Last Week at Plaid - An Intern Story

Let me first start off introducing myself to those who do not know who I am and what I do at the world's most Plaid design and branding firm; my name is Brian I am the intern ... Good now that introductions are over let me give you an insight to what I went through week 1 of the Plaid Brand Aid 2007 road tour.

I arrived to the office much earlier than usual on Monday as I was requested to set up my O-so amazing rig of webcam streaming, GPS tracking and most importantly turning the van into a mobile wifi hotspot, which Darryl informed me he wants me to install in his car, only a little faster (something that puts NASA to shame i believe were the words). After getting the keys to the office and a brief security system rundown from Darryl, I quickly sent them on their way to their first meeting in NYC. As the day continued I felt this great void behind me (Darryl and Giuli where gone); so being the only one left on the "management" side of the office, I did what anyone would do ... I fired Dave ... Just kidding. We did engage in a friendly joust of quick remarks and snappy come-backs, it was indeed an epic battle that ensued most of the week but in the end, timing, strategic timing is what won me this battle. That will be explained at the end of this post, sorry it adds to the suspense factor that I am going for.

I managed to complete all of the three (3 thats right 3) jobs that Darryl and Giuli had left for me to do for the week in a day and a half, cause I am just that good at what I do. So, as I pestered everyone for something to do, what do I get? Clean out the storage closets in the office which was a lot more fun than it sounds, and no I'm not interning to be a maid... Oh the things I found in there, let me give you a brief break down; finding the "VBoys" Cards - Hilarious, Finding a R/C Car - awesome, Finding a magnetic Sign from S.H.I.T (Santa Hunters Investigation Team) promo - fantastic, finding a bag full of rubber dog fecal matter - priceless.

As the dust settled I emerged from the storage areas (you were expecting me to say that I came out of the closet, ha, no) and it was now Friday. As I enter the office Darryl is sitting at his desk, they were back! Darryl and Giuli have returned (for a weekend of rest from the tour), the feeling of reinforcements was refreshing. I was no longer alone. As my clock struck 8:27 am that morning Dave enters the office, as he finishes his "Good mornings" I turn to Darryl and explain the following "Mr. Ohrt, I would like to bring to your attention that this is Mr. Plain's (David) first day of arriving on time for work" and just like that Davidtron (yes I saw transformers 3 times in the first week leave me alone) was defeated.

Tune in at the end of the next two weeks for more insight of my day-to-day life at Plaid.

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