kids want it real

FJGaylor, masters at photographing colleges, noticed something on their blog. They got a lot of traffic from Google searches, on the key words "real dorm room," or "dorm room." It seems that kids checking out colleges want to know what a real room really looks like. Not the one that the corporate dude in admissions wants you to see.

This is an important note. A generation of kids has grown up on reality tv, and the internet at their fingertips. They can tell when they're being sold to. And can dig out the truth. So why hide it?

The next few weeks will be interesting, as the back to school ad campaigns kick into full gear. Advergirl points to the new JCP campaign - with some compliments and critique.

Brands that can't let go, and let the truth be told, will be left by the wayside. (Wherever the wayside is.) So here's to telling the truth. And to keeping brands real.

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Thanks for the love Darryl..

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