introducing the house of plaid

We've just launched the House of Plaid, a side project and experiment for our design and branding firm.

For creatives, by creatives. The House of Plaid allows us to explore and create inspiring design objects that as creative people, we'd like to own ourselves. Each House of Plaid product is made by an independent artist, manufacturer or craftsperson in limited editions. Once sold out, we'll never produce that particular item again.

People who buy House of Plaid products will be supporting an artist, craftsperson or indie business, and keeping individuality alive. And getting some cool stuff.

You'll also note that we've designed the site not as a retail site, but as a blog - (where you can buy product). It's still a work in progress, and we believe a unique approach to small business on the internet. Like a blog, you can comment. Like a store, you can buy.

Our first product is a super sweet Plaid messenger bag. Coming in the next few days - an awesome sketch book. Stay tuned, and bring Plaid into your life!


Anonymous said...

Not to be confused with the "Plaid House", a home for wayward girls!

Plaid House is home to ten teenage girls who have been placed there by the Division of Youth and Family Services or Children’s System of Care Initiative.

darryl ohrt said...

Is this one of those places that has live webcams 24/7?

Hal said...

your sick, darryl.

i like that. reminds me of me!

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