introducing bougie. the fake web 2.0 site you can't do without.

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David Armano tried an interesting trick last week. There's been a lot of discussion about how fast users are attracted to and adopting new technologies - especially related to web 2.0/social media tools.

So David invented Bougie. I first read about it through his Twitter stream, and thought to myself "wow. what a busy week to launch another web 2.0 tool." Anyone that sent him a message asking for an invite to the beta test of the site was let in on the fact that it's a prank, and asked to play along. And so, a viral launch was spread. David says that he definitely saw the spark to a real, viral launch. Interesting prank!

(I made the logo above, using Web 2.0 logo maker. Bougie does not indeed exist, in any way, shape or form.)


Anonymous said...

Drat! I should have used the Web 2.0 logo maker to save some time. I made my own...

BTW, I have you added as a friend on Twitter. if not, what's your ID?

darryl ohrt said...

Thanks David! We are indeed Twitter friends. Anyone else looking for David's feed, it's here:

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