I heart nike+

and now I love it a little bit more.

Received a personal invitation recently to run in a sold out half marathon for women in San Francisco. There are cool prizes just for finishing. Money goes to charity. And I don't even have go to California.

Instead, I'll log 13.1 miles wherever I want, at any time on Oct 21, with my nike+ ipod nah-no. (which is how the cool people pronounce it) Mizuno wearer that I am, I'm even thinking about buying my first pair of nikes.

How cool is a virtual half marathon, run by thousands of women all over the country on the same day. And that they spotted me as a woman who logs long distances in my account, who might be up for a half. And the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is benefiting too. Everybody wins.


Unknown said...

Brilliant thinking from Nike. Despite frequent public opinion-shifts around their brand, they do seem to consistently stay top of mind and occasionally they just get it -right-.

Anonymous said...

I'm having a relationship with the woman on my nike+. She's comforting, supportive, with me every morning. She sees me at my most vulnerable and still comes back, even when I disappoint her.

I love her. And true love lasts forever.

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