how to enjoy fireworks without the hand injuries

Just in case you live in the U.S., and just in case your fireworks show got rained out yesterday, and just in case you plan on blowing lots of stuff up this weekend, here's two alternatives to enjoying fireworks:

The first is a gallery of fireworks injuries. Send this one to your teenager, and they'll see what really happens when an M-80 goes off in your hand. (WARNING: Not for the squeamish. These are really, really, gross photos. No, really.)

Next, Core 77 points to a really cool gallery of firework graphics. Although this gallery seems to be missing some of the more recognizable brands. Like Black Cat, pictured above. That's a brand that I'll bet has instant recognition with every male in the U.S. (What I would give for a t-shirt, with the Black Cat logo.)

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