the future of blogs, micro demos and other heady things

Steve Rubel has some interesting perspective on what the attention crash, shiny object syndrome and technology trends mean to the future of blogging.

Real genius insight - and things are definitely evolving to new places. New tools. New devices. Social networking.

But at the same time, I meet people every day who still don't understand what a blog is. Or realize that they read one. As media users, we're becoming a more fragmented society. Early adopters are blogging less and using even newer tools. Others are just learning how to use RSS. Some still even use television as their primary media!

This is true in marketing demographics, too. What used to be described as "male, 25-34, 40K income, etc" can no longer be viewed as a single demographic. Because within any single demo, there are now many, many micro demos. And changing every day.

Geez. That's too much thinking. My head hurts. Time to watch Bobbing for glasses again.

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