color schemes of movie posters

Check out the cool exploration in color schemes over at Under Consideration.

Armin Vit analyzes a bunch of movie posters, to determine what color schemes are used. And then sorts them by PG, PG13, etc. And, while not at all scientific, discovers umm, that there are a bunch of pretty colors in movie posters.

Actually - one of the things that I found interesting is the lack of white in the design schemes. Opportunity to stand out for movie poster designers? Who knows. But the color chart above looks cool.


Whoever said...

One of the best uses of white (and one of my all time favorite movie posters) is the 12 Monkeys teaser

Check it here

Anonymous said...

The credit should be Speak Up not Under Consideration, actually... Under Consideration is like the mother site for a bunch of different blogs and things. It's pretty much my favorite design blog.

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