all of your numbers in one sweet place. under google.

I posted about Grand Central months ago. This cool new service allows you to consolidate all of your phone numbers together in one place. The only problem was that they only had numbers in obscure places available. (Not that there's anything wrong with Oklahoma. I'm just not looking for an Oklahoma area code.)

Anyway - good news. Google just bought Grand Central. Which probably means they'll have loads of area codes coming. Hell, with Google money, they could stop people in the streets and pay cash for their area codes. Or buy entire cities area codes. Or buy iphones for everyone. (Sorry, couldn't have a post about phone numbers, and not mention the ever-lovable iphone.)

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Unknown said...

Hmm, I've had a 646 (NYC) GC number for almost 2 years now.

Not surprising Google bought it up, it's a great idea. And they got it before it became big.

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