kameraflage: cool idea for street teams

Sarah Logie and Connor Dickie, have developed a technology called Kameraflage, that works by using colors that are invisible to the human eye, but easily picked up by the cameras' silicon chips.

What a sweet idea for street teams. Think magic t-shirts. "Take my picture and get a secret." Imagine street teams that prompt users to take pictures of them, so that they can see a special url, and win a free sample/prize. A cool tool to build excitement, but also gets your brand 'saved' on the user's digital camera - so they can share with their friends, visit your site while at home, etc. From Gizmodo.

graffiti archaeology is born

Check out graffiti archaeology. It's a time lapse collage of graffiti spaces. They've photographed spaces over time (as early as the 1990's), and show how graffiti has changed or evolved within that space.

Even beyond the very impressive site build, the concept for this project is amazing. A concept that could be applied to soooo many other situations or brands. Impressive. From John Nack at Adobe

nbc tries social media. then forgets to update.

To promote the new NBC show Chuck, a new show about a computer geek (modeled after Geek Squad guys, I guess), they've created a dashboard to emulate Chuck's machine.

There are some very good ideas implemented. They've integrated Chuck versions of today's more popular social media tools like delicious, Ning, Twitter and others.

But they seem to have dropped it at that. Chuck's Twitter page seems to be dead, past his initial Twitter, as seen above. Same goes for many of the social sites setup in Chuck's name.

Not sure if the agency is taking a break, if NBC's budget didn't carry this far, or they're just waiting for something...but that's a mistake.

The lesson for businesses here is that if you're going to USE social media, use it. Don't create an empty Second Life presence, an empty Twitter page, or non-active social network page. It would be better not to embrace it at all. Chuck just lost an opportunity to build anticipation for his big debut. Later, Chuck.

this week at Plaid (on tour version):

(Better late than never)

Looks like I missed an exciting week at our office, that included a building fire. Some bum set a mattress on fire, in the rear alley to our building. Firefighters were called, and no significant damage to the Plaid world headquarters.

This week on the Plaid tour has been equally exciting.

Rob and Ryan went parachuting. For real. We have weekends off on the tour, and you know - the Plaid crew isn't content just sleeping in at the Super 8. So early this morning, we drove into the hills of North Carolina to let Rob and Ryan jump out of a plane. Awesome. See the pics of their adventure on our tour Flickr set.

This last week on tour had us driving from New Jersey to North Carolina. In addition to putting boku miles on the van, we met some really awesome brands along the way. Swatch (not so awesome), The Martin Agency, Pep Boys, Wave Riding Vehicles, 17th Surf Shop, Hanes, Inmar/CMS, and Moog.

We're getting really stoked about next week, as we get ready to head into Tennessee. Mostly, I'm psyched about the Graceland souvenirs. Mmmmm. Elvis.

Week 2 - The Intern(al) take over

A weekly report from the illustrious Plaid intern, Brian.

Wow, week 2 done already? This trip is going by much faster than I thought. I wonder if the guys on the road feel the same way? As always, this week's happenings at the most Plaid design and branding firm were anything but dull: a building fire, dog urination, and temperamental fax machines!

Before I get into this week's story, I just want to report to Darryl: Mr. Plain "Borrowed" (embezzled) $1.25 from the petty cash today for a soda. Let me know if I should take some action.

Quite a bit happened this week. FIRE! Someone set a mattress-a-blaze in the back alley next to our building. (I suspect Dave was involved, in an effort to close the company early.) Firefighters saved the day, and no real harm to the building or our space.

If that wasn't enough excitement, a dog preceded to relieve him/herself on the rug in our brainstorm area. (Another thing that I should report to Darryl.) I happened to be sick on this day. As you can see from the above photo, the designers are recruiting to replace me with the dogs (probably Dave's idea).

I found it funny that when I checked my e-mail that night and saw that the Plaid van was having some webcam issues. Proof that they could not solve problems without the power of an intern. As for the fax machine problem, it now likes to beep randomly and if you try to send a fax or pick up the phone, a very polite man tells you to "Please hang up and dial again". But not to worry, the kind folks at at&t are going to fix it.

That about does it for me this week. Not as exciting as last week, but who knows what week 3 will bring!

Plaid tour week two comes to a close. Wait till Rob arrives.

We're at the end of week two of the Plaid tour , and it's been a blast. Today, Justus flies home for a well needed rest (more driving hours than anyone on tour yet) and is replaced by Rob, who will be making a very special entrance tomorrow. (Worthy of checking out the tour blog on a Saturday.)

Anyway, next week will bring us through Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas. Sure to be the source of many stories. Elvis, Dolly and cowboys all in one week. Justus contemplates his adventures, above.

abandoned architecture photos

A really nice collection of photographs of abandoned places. Handily organized by state. Great starting place for a weekend exploration. Found on Coudal.

italians suck soda from the streets

To promote the soft drink Chino, Enfants Terribles is running a campaign that puts giant straws in the streets of Italy.

denver creates blog to be cool.

In order to promote creative growth in Denver, Denver created a blog. Denver created a really good one. A pop culture blog devoted to cool design things, cool finds and cool companies from...Denver. Things like the billboard above, for the Denver Water campaign. Go Denver.

redheads rule, your logo is cruel

Improv Everywhere staged a really fun protest at Wendys, disguised as the NAARP (National Association of Advancement for Redhead People.) Meanwhile, Wendy's just launched their latest pigtail spot. And Redhead dude rocks on. Go red!

ecommerce meets myspace

Skate shoe maker Lakai Limited's commerce page looks just like a MySpace page. While some are definitely annoyed by everything MySpace, I think this is a pretty cool idea. Keep in mind that as a skate culture brand, Lakai will need to continually reinvent themselves online, so it's not like this design concept needs to live for five years.

The other thing to consider is that the nostalgia curve shortens dramatically with youth culture. A 20 year old skater who gave up on MySpace three years ago, will look at this design as funny or "nostalgic." Yet familiar. Something to consider for youth marketing brands.

I would have made profile pages for each of the sponsored riders too, but otherwise love this concept. Thanks Casey!

harry potter: the box

How cool is it that Amazon printed a special box just for shipping Harry 7?! I was already thrilled to be receiving my book just as promised on release day. And then upon receipt, there's an extra surprise greeting on the box to make me smile and feel happy that I chose Amazon.

introducing the house of plaid

We've just launched the House of Plaid, a side project and experiment for our design and branding firm.

For creatives, by creatives. The House of Plaid allows us to explore and create inspiring design objects that as creative people, we'd like to own ourselves. Each House of Plaid product is made by an independent artist, manufacturer or craftsperson in limited editions. Once sold out, we'll never produce that particular item again.

People who buy House of Plaid products will be supporting an artist, craftsperson or indie business, and keeping individuality alive. And getting some cool stuff.

You'll also note that we've designed the site not as a retail site, but as a blog - (where you can buy product). It's still a work in progress, and we believe a unique approach to small business on the internet. Like a blog, you can comment. Like a store, you can buy.

Our first product is a super sweet Plaid messenger bag. Coming in the next few days - an awesome sketch book. Stay tuned, and bring Plaid into your life!

periodic table of the internet

Brian found a Periodic Table of the Internet. Finally, a science that I can understand.

rice art rocks japan

Aliens have stopped making crop circles, and are attacking the rice fields in Japan.

Actually, the art above is created by planting little purple and yellow-leafed rice along with the normal green-leafed variety. Cool.

Last Week at Plaid - An Intern Story

Let me first start off introducing myself to those who do not know who I am and what I do at the world's most Plaid design and branding firm; my name is Brian I am the intern ... Good now that introductions are over let me give you an insight to what I went through week 1 of the Plaid Brand Aid 2007 road tour.

I arrived to the office much earlier than usual on Monday as I was requested to set up my O-so amazing rig of webcam streaming, GPS tracking and most importantly turning the van into a mobile wifi hotspot, which Darryl informed me he wants me to install in his car, only a little faster (something that puts NASA to shame i believe were the words). After getting the keys to the office and a brief security system rundown from Darryl, I quickly sent them on their way to their first meeting in NYC. As the day continued I felt this great void behind me (Darryl and Giuli where gone); so being the only one left on the "management" side of the office, I did what anyone would do ... I fired Dave ... Just kidding. We did engage in a friendly joust of quick remarks and snappy come-backs, it was indeed an epic battle that ensued most of the week but in the end, timing, strategic timing is what won me this battle. That will be explained at the end of this post, sorry it adds to the suspense factor that I am going for.

I managed to complete all of the three (3 thats right 3) jobs that Darryl and Giuli had left for me to do for the week in a day and a half, cause I am just that good at what I do. So, as I pestered everyone for something to do, what do I get? Clean out the storage closets in the office which was a lot more fun than it sounds, and no I'm not interning to be a maid... Oh the things I found in there, let me give you a brief break down; finding the "VBoys" Cards - Hilarious, Finding a R/C Car - awesome, Finding a magnetic Sign from S.H.I.T (Santa Hunters Investigation Team) promo - fantastic, finding a bag full of rubber dog fecal matter - priceless.

As the dust settled I emerged from the storage areas (you were expecting me to say that I came out of the closet, ha, no) and it was now Friday. As I enter the office Darryl is sitting at his desk, they were back! Darryl and Giuli have returned (for a weekend of rest from the tour), the feeling of reinforcements was refreshing. I was no longer alone. As my clock struck 8:27 am that morning Dave enters the office, as he finishes his "Good mornings" I turn to Darryl and explain the following "Mr. Ohrt, I would like to bring to your attention that this is Mr. Plain's (David) first day of arriving on time for work" and just like that Davidtron (yes I saw transformers 3 times in the first week leave me alone) was defeated.

Tune in at the end of the next two weeks for more insight of my day-to-day life at Plaid.

drinking fanta in russia is like drinking acid

To hell with Fanta girls. With the Russian version of Fanta, you can control a party like it's an iPhone. I want some of this Russian juice. Found on Lee Washington's blog.

kids want it real

FJGaylor, masters at photographing colleges, noticed something on their blog. They got a lot of traffic from Google searches, on the key words "real dorm room," or "dorm room." It seems that kids checking out colleges want to know what a real room really looks like. Not the one that the corporate dude in admissions wants you to see.

This is an important note. A generation of kids has grown up on reality tv, and the internet at their fingertips. They can tell when they're being sold to. And can dig out the truth. So why hide it?

The next few weeks will be interesting, as the back to school ad campaigns kick into full gear. Advergirl points to the new JCP campaign - with some compliments and critique.

Brands that can't let go, and let the truth be told, will be left by the wayside. (Wherever the wayside is.) So here's to telling the truth. And to keeping brands real.

pay your postage with advertising

Adland points to a new advertising vehicle. Envelopes.

Looking past the fact that we use envelopes less and less, this is a pretty cool idea. Advertising supported envelopes. They pay the postage. You use the envelopes with ads on them. Especially good idea for pop culture brands. Who doesn't want a Harry Potter envelope?

Only one downside - they want users to accept email ads, too. Seems unnecessary. Sell the envelopes, not the spam.

Doesn't look like it's live yet - but I'm sure that we can all look forward to Burger King envelopes in our future.

storyboards: the new powerpoint

I'll look for any excuse NOT to use PowerPoint for a presentation. We promise our clients "no fat decks" and do our best to keep to that.

So how cool that people are now using storyboards as presentation tools. From Micropersuation.

this week at Plaid (on tour version):

Here's what happened this week at the world's most Plaid design and branding firm:

This week's post is dedicated to the Plaid tour. If you haven't already read, we're in the midst of a three week tour from NYC to Dallas, visiting clients, prospects, and interesting things along the way. Here are some of the highlights:

Kicked off in NYC, and met with Sony Music. Loaded the van with promos. And a fresh new project! Left for Long Island.

Stopped by Iron Horse Bikes, and discussed the design of two new websites. And saw their new 2008 bikes. (Which include some plaid graphics!)

Drove to Rhode Island, where we met with Foster Grant - specifically the Brand Manager for two of their coolest brands, Anarchy and Angel.

We also met the crew at Leedom, and shared some sweet Plaid-style branding ideas. Because we're nice like that.

Then we sped to New Hampshire. (Giuli was driving, I believe.) We made a surprise visit to Segway, and ended up chatting with their Direct Marketing Manager. Really cool people. And DAMN, I really want one of those Segways.

While feeling all geeky, we introduced ourselves to MobileRobots. Possibly the smartest people in all of New Hampshire. They've built and engineered some amazing robots, and produced some intense software apps to make them do whatever you need. We were unsuccessful in talking them into a robot race with the Plaid van.

Thursday we had a busy day in Massachusetts, with visits to Digitas, Etonic, and Digital Influence Group. Really great to meet other creative people, while on the road. And many bloggers, to boot.

Friday was a great close to our first week, where we met the infamous Joseph Jaffe. I felt like I was meeting David Bowie. Here's a blogger/podcaster/indie businessman/thought leader that I've been following forever. Meeting him in real space (not that there's anything wrong with Second Life) was a blast. Check out his post about the Plaid van.

Of course, you can follow the entire tour as it happens on the PlaidNation tour dashboard. Enjoy the blog, twitter, Flickr, and YouTube feeds. We even have a live webcam and GPS to tell you where the van is at.

It's hard to sum up a Plaid week with one photo - but I think that Soooper 8, pictured above pretty much does it. Sooper.

where copywriting becomes poetry

Simply awesome. Check out this supreme spot for Glenfiddich Scotch. Work from 180 Amsterdam. Found on AdForum.

plastic bags caught in the wild

Check out this photo gallery of plastic bags. Yep. A beautiful gallery of photos. Of plastic bags.

The effort is meant to remind the public of our ability to consume and dispose. All while encouraging people to participate, and showcasing some great photo talent. And to catch plastic bags in the wild. From 30gms.

battle for the bronchs kicks throat.

TEQUILA\ Australia just launched some wonderous work titled Battle for the Bronchs.

This is a campaign aimed at young people who may suffer from asthma. The site includes video episodes, games controlled by breath (smart!) and loads of goodies.

Absolutely stellar work. Fantastic strategic thinking. Beatuious design. Great copywriting and production. Awesome.

the future of blogs, micro demos and other heady things

Steve Rubel has some interesting perspective on what the attention crash, shiny object syndrome and technology trends mean to the future of blogging.

Real genius insight - and things are definitely evolving to new places. New tools. New devices. Social networking.

But at the same time, I meet people every day who still don't understand what a blog is. Or realize that they read one. As media users, we're becoming a more fragmented society. Early adopters are blogging less and using even newer tools. Others are just learning how to use RSS. Some still even use television as their primary media!

This is true in marketing demographics, too. What used to be described as "male, 25-34, 40K income, etc" can no longer be viewed as a single demographic. Because within any single demo, there are now many, many micro demos. And changing every day.

Geez. That's too much thinking. My head hurts. Time to watch Bobbing for glasses again.

bobbing for glasses

More Never Hide work for Ray-Ban. Love it.

use the yellow pages, get attacked by spider hands

Maybe it's my fear of spiders, but this Yellow Pages ad from New Zealand really, really creeps me out. Thousands of spider like hands descending on my house to deliver stuff? No thanks, I'll use the internet. From AdFreak.

how to clear your inbox

Whoah. I could benefit from this policy about responding to emails, while on the Plaid tour. The inbox is building, and hours are slipping away.

So here's how you eliminate inbox overflow, and stay productive. The email secret. Sweet advice, found by Jack, via Twitter.

I heart nike+

and now I love it a little bit more.

Received a personal invitation recently to run in a sold out half marathon for women in San Francisco. There are cool prizes just for finishing. Money goes to charity. And I don't even have go to California.

Instead, I'll log 13.1 miles wherever I want, at any time on Oct 21, with my nike+ ipod nah-no. (which is how the cool people pronounce it) Mizuno wearer that I am, I'm even thinking about buying my first pair of nikes.

How cool is a virtual half marathon, run by thousands of women all over the country on the same day. And that they spotted me as a woman who logs long distances in my account, who might be up for a half. And the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is benefiting too. Everybody wins.

japanese publishers outlaw teenagers talking about their product

The latest Japanese girlie trend: sending cell phone snapshots of magazine spreads to their friends, to show cool fashions and haircuts.

Instead of seeing this as buzz or credibility building, publishers have moved to outlaw the practice. Sending Japanese school girls to jail?

"What are you in for?"
"Snapping a cell phone pic of Glamour."

proof that aliens worship homer simpson

Absolutely lovin' all of the Simpsons marketing. Must go see the movie. From Reaction.

color schemes of movie posters

Check out the cool exploration in color schemes over at Under Consideration.

Armin Vit analyzes a bunch of movie posters, to determine what color schemes are used. And then sorts them by PG, PG13, etc. And, while not at all scientific, discovers umm, that there are a bunch of pretty colors in movie posters.

Actually - one of the things that I found interesting is the lack of white in the design schemes. Opportunity to stand out for movie poster designers? Who knows. But the color chart above looks cool.

NXTube gets plaid

Couldn't ignore this one, since I work at an agency named Plaid. Adland points to NXTube.com, a new site produced for Titleist.

I love the 'anti-design' theme.

Clearly this is proof that the plaid trend is hot like Paris Hilton. Or maybe just proof that tacky pants rock the golf course. You decide.

what's a wiki and how to use it for marketing

Duct Tape Marketing has a sweet roundup of how you can use a wiki for marketing. Don't know what a wiki is? Don't know how to use it? Don't worry. John's got all of the links and resources you need.

And saves me from writing anything too insightful on a few hours of sleep. Trying to keep up with Make the Logo Bigger Bill on the Plaid tour is exhausting.

and....we're off!

Don't forget that the Plaid BrandAid tour starts this morning. Be sure to waste several productive hours checking our tour dashboard, watching the webcam, reading the blogs, and watching YouTube.

We'll have tons of worthless and slightly entertaining media for you, over the next 21 days. That's if we don't all get arrested in Arkansas. (It could happen.)

what if apple embraced social media?

has a really interesting post about Apple and social media. Nathan suggests that Apple should start their own Facebook type application. Some really, really good insight here.

Not only would such a network be beautious in wonderous Apple splendor, but Nathan points out that Steve Jobs would see some nice benefits too:

+ They could sell a lot of iTunes
+ They could lure developers
+ Integration with the magic iPhone
+ They could extend their brand farther into the Windows world

Really excellent perspective. Mmmmm. Apple.

curb art should be everywhere

Two things the world needs more of. Sexy 70's girls in banana commercials, and curb art. Why can't curb art be everywhere, on every sidewalk, and in every public space? Coolz0r has a nice little collection of cool ad-related sidewalk art. If you're looking for sultry 70's girls, you're on your own.

pimple medicine gets fun

Make the Logo Bigger found a super nice production for OXY. (The kind of OXY that you put on your face - not the kind you put in the washer.) Really cool and deep site, worthy of stealing your otherwise productive Monday morning. Even if you don't have pimples.

I especially like the straight forward messaging in the intro: "You like girls, right? And girls like guys without acne, right? So get OXY." Straight forward messaging AND a ridiculously entertaining site. Nice work.

See Plaid on tour!!!

Check out the Plaid Brand Aid 2007 tour!!!

The first ever agency summer tour across the nation. Or at least from NYC to Dallas.

We've created a dashboard, where you can experience the whole tour from the comfort of your office chair. At PlaidNation, you can watch the live vancam, see our YouTube videos and Flickr photos, get tour details from the blog and Twitter logs, and even see our exact location via GPS/Google maps.

We start the van up bright and early Monday morning. Watch the webcam for great live action. Or boring footage of people sitting in a van.

Different Plaid employees will be flying in/out and joining different legs of the tour - which should mix it up a bit. Rob says he has a very special surprise planned for week three. We're a little scared.

If you're anywhere along the route, let us know and we'll invite you into the van for goodies.

this week at Plaid:

Here's what happened this week at the world's most Plaid design and branding firm:

Major, major tour preparations. Brian has set up our tour van with two wifi connections, a web cam, and electrical outlets. Pretty much all the comforts of home. We did a test run on Thursday, and everything worked fab.

Outside of the tour, there's plenty of work going on. We launched Flambeau River Papers. Be sure to check out the Google Maps tour of the town. Really cool.

We're also producing concepts for internet videos for two separate clients, and a bunch of health care sites. (We're practically doctors now. Call us - we'll dispense medical advice, and perform surgery at discount prices.)

We're producing a MAJOR web 2.0 tool for a client that we're absolutely stoked about. Can't say much more until it's launched, but this will be a cool tool for just about anyone. And a very effective branding device for our client.

Matt found an apartment! No more commuting from New Jersey! He could use some cool furniture, if you see any great deals.

See you on tour starting Monday!!

ever want to stick your feet in a bucket of chicken?

Yeah, me too. KFC just launched a spot with artist Phil Hansen, who paints a lovely portrait of the Colonel. In Teriyaki sauce. You can also bid on the painting on ebay, starting next week. More campaign details on Promo Magazine. I gotta go get my toes into some spicy wings.

sweet claymation for xbox

Terrific claymation spot for Xbox. And here's an even more awesome, making of the Xbox 360 spot. From JJ Projects, via Twitter.

sweet mother of google

Check out this blurry, hard to read, over compressed video of a bunch of Google Easter eggs and fun. Like Gooogle L337. Or Gothic Google. Or Google Igpay Atinlay Or Loco Google. It's Googlicious.

amazing type from architectural photos

Absolutely astounding student project by Lisa Rienermann. Photos of the negative space made between buildings and the sky, that make up letterforms.

new diesel online work rocks

Adverblog points to (and provides a great overview of) the new Diesel site. Really, really great production on so many fronts - excellent design, great use of programming, and fun copy. Comes together to make denim shopping fun. (Not that it isn't anyway.)

be more productive on youtube

So, you don't mind wasting some time at work, watching YouTube videos. But if you spend the entire day watching YouTube, people might notice.

Introducing The Daily Tube. The unofficial best of YouTube. They watch YouTube, so you don't have to. Or so that you can do so more productively. From StartupSquad.

Dramatic Chipmunk clip above is purely for your chipmunkian pleasure.

put coldsores on ads for fun

Yesterday, we posted about how artist Steve Lambert turns street ads into street art. Now, we've got something even better.

Printable cold sores. Put them on your favorite subway ads. Or on the CEO's painting, in your corporate lobby. Blistericious.

webster makes ginormous decision

Merriam-Webster added one of my favorite words into the dictionary. Ginormous.

Some people aren't happy. Like asshat Allan Metcalf, a professor of English at MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Illinois, who says about GINORMOUS: "A new word that stands out and is ostentatious is going to sink like a lead balloon," he said. "It might enjoy a fringe existence." Geez. I'll bet he's a lot of fun at parties.

I'm stoked about Webster's wordalicious decision. It's awesome. Thanks for the tip, Bill!

turn annoying street ads into art

Steve Lambert has a great instructables post on how to turn a wall of annoying ads into art. In broad daylight. Nice.

shiver me timbers. it's a skull collection.

Arrrrr. Me thinks this is a gnarly idea. A blog devoted to the capturin' of a skull a day. If a pirate had a blog, I think this might be it.

Introducing the Skull a Day blog. Noah Scalin is making a skull image every day for the entire year. (Have I mentioned how much I love the internet, lately?) From How magazine.

help wanted ads that rock

Some sweet help wanted advertising for bus drivers. Not only do these ads work, but they give you some insight into what it might be like to work at this company. Who says help wanted ads need to be stiff?

tunnel house

Lovely two bedroom property, the prize of the neighborhood. You'll feel right at home in this one of a kind gem. Open and airy floor plan that brings the outside in.

Love this house.

behind the sign at the new york times

Pentagram has a typically brilliant case study on what's behind the design and production of the New York Times signage, at their new world headquarters building.

Their challenge: how do you add a block-long, 15-foot-tall blackletter logo to the front of a minimalist building without obstructing the view of the Times staffers working inside?

The answer is a sign made from almost 1000 individual pieces.

how ikea thinks of silly names for their products

I've been looking all over the interweb for a link to the new Ikea summer sale spot - and found something even more important. The secret to how Ikea gets the funny names for all of their products.

It's not a tank full of monkeys dancing on keyboards. Turns out there's a thought process behind it. Hmm. People should start naming their kids with names like Heimdal.

powerful new spot

Beautiful spot for Epuron. Always misunderstood. People didn't seem to like me. (Great casting, too.)

another virtual world so you can stay inside.

Can't figure out SecondLife? Tired of Second Life, and miss the Lower East Side of NYC? Your prayers have been answered. Now there's a virtual LES. You don't have to learn SecondLife, and there's nothing but actual LES businesses, bands, and happenings in the virtual version. Really cool idea. I wonder how many people living in the LES are playing around in the virtual LES. Weird.

From Urban Outfitters.

what you can learn from steve jobs' presentation

Business Week has a fantastic article on what made Steve Jobs' iPhone presentation so brilliant. Too lazy to click through? Not willing to sacrifice YouTube time for reading time? Here's the five key points:

1. Build Tension
2. Stick to One Theme Per Slide
3. Add Pizzazz to Your Delivery
4. Practice
5. Be Honest and Show Enthusiasm

double your non-productive time

Someone's created a place where you can watch two YouTube videos at once. Kind of like a video mashup. Or a video showdown. Or a double-mint waste of time that would otherwise be productive. Enjoy.
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