ugly is the new black

Either really cheezy 80's new wave graphics just came back big time, or the 2012 Olympics logo looks like ass. I'll go with the latter.


Anonymous said...

maybe my eyes are bad. or it could be the pink. i had to go to the link you posted to figure out that all the pink-ness is actually the number 2012. yeah, that's without a doubt hideous.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the fact the mark was designed for display across many media, but I just can't escape thinking Locog is going to be dismayed at how the world reacts to it as a brand statement for Britain and the Games.

My guess is it will not be well-received by any party -- corporate, athletic, international or otherwise -- and I'm not sure the needs of these competing interests were fully considered.

After all, confounding artistic expectation is one thing; developing a brand image wholly unfit-for-purpose towards fund raising and selling t-shirts is something completely different.

olivier said...

only London could do it and i am in love with it.

it's disturbing, sure, but it's so British to me.

why would we always get the same logo? i soooo want the t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

its not hideous, its " an emblem that represents the four key 'brand pillars' of access, participation, stimulation and inspiration, culminating in the brand vision of 'Everyone’s Games'."

er... apparently but then these idiots did design it.

darryl ohrt said...

Eliza just pointed out the fact that the logo is now causing seizures:

Anonymous said...

Maybe the best comment on my blog about it was that it looked like rockem sockem robots trading handjobs.

As for a logo for everyone, well, there you have it. It’s ironic that it is at once sufficiently generic and abstract without being too specific, yet it it’s caused a stir because people are offended by it. We’re all melding into sameness, why not have a logo that matches that.

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