this week at plaid

Here's what happened this week at the world's most Plaidlicious design and branding firm:

We're growing. Bought a new workstation for our studio this week - and the latest version of Final Cut Pro. Rob and Matt began helping us part-time, and have become near permanent fixtures. They tried to escape once but Justus was able to tie them back down to their desks. Plaid is buzzing with work like never before.

Sooo much going on with the upcoming Plaid tour. (The first ever tour by a design and branding firm!) We're actively seeking sponsorships, to help offset costs, and make life more fun for those of us on the road. We launched a microsite detailing the sponsorship opportunities. There's many ways that brands can get involved - from cash to goodies. Send it to any friends that you think might be interested. We'll consider any opportunities. We're whores like that.

We're beginning to narrow down the Plaid crew that will be riding the Plaid van. Looks like we've convinced MakeTheLogoBigger Bill Green to hop on board. Of course I'll be there. We're still figuring out who to rope into the two remaining seats on board.

Loads of design work, too:
+ Logo and identity work for an excercise/physical therapy manufacturer.
+ Lots of promotional collateral for the Westport Country Playhouse.
+ Designed a presentation for a production company, for a VERY cool new reality based television show.
+ Several microsites - for Spherion, for an intellectual property company, and some other stuff that I can't remember right now.

Summer weather is here, and almost everyone's left to enjoy it. I'm next. Have a great weekend!

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