sales and marketing from a stripper

Ummm....maybe this is just a ploy to make the finance department accept his receipts for table dances as expenses....but the Wise Camel has written a post 10 Sales and Marketing Tips I learned from Strippers. It's funny, and mostly true (I suppose), with one exception. A commenter on the post accurately points out that strippers don't actually care about customers. (Although I suppose the same could be said for some cell phone companies or airlines.)

The picture above is Justus, contemplating this stripper sales theory, while providing interest to the story, without requiring a picture of boobies that would only get me in trouble. I'm pretty sure that Justus is not a stripper, nor has he ever been to a strip club. Or done anything remotely bad ever in his life. Just in case you're keeping track.


Anonymous said...

If Justus has never been to a strip club, that's what we're doing on my trip to NYC. I smell a Plaid Field Trip!!

Anonymous said...

You’re ‘pretty sure?’ I thought Plaid background checks were more thorough than that.


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