light up everything by magic

Lunabrite offers a new product that apparently doesn't use electricity or batteries (works on magic?) for architectural, product or promotional lighting. While their site doesn't go into details, by the looks of it, this product offers some awesome possibilities. (Note to Lunabrite: Put more info on your site. Call us. We can help.) From Core 77


Anonymous said...

I worked on a similar product years ago. The stuff then used a battery to create a charge in the material, almost like how a firefly glows. The material didn’t need much of a charge across its surface to get the glow you see in that picture. While it didn’t have the intensity of say, neon or regular light, it was still pretty cool. You could bend it, wrap it, whatever.

Anonymous said...

Lunabrite Light Technology is a photoluminescent, rechargeable, fiber optic light tube.

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