iphone to open up marketing opportunities galore

I've been real careful not to jump on the iPhone hype and rumor bandwagon.

But there's a post over at Gigaom that is interesting. Five ways that the iPhone will change the wireless biz. If they're correct, this has tremendous impact for our industry. Limitless possibilities.

Nobody argues that mobile is the massive opportunity for marketers. But the existing carriers have created roadblocks (or walled gardens, as the post refers to them) around content, and around the things consumers really want to use. Once these doors are opened, everything changes. Promotional opportunities galore. Content creation free-for-all.

People are already creating 3rd party applications for the new Jesus phone. What a massively cool opportunity for branded applications, content and entertainment.

16 days, if you're counting.

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Anonymous said...

I still question the durability factor.

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