haggar campaign rocks, but then harasses

Make the Logo Bigger points to the new Haggar campaign, done by CP&B. I have to admit, that I had doubts, when I heard Crispin had taken the work, thinking "can you really make Haggar cool?"

I think they just did. Or, at least for their target audience. It's not trend-setting - but it is completely appropriate brand building. I think the print ads (one, featured above) are original. And the cable guy spot is funny.

But one of the spots - harassment - (on the site, on the right) is completely inappropriate, as Make the Logo Bigger accurately points out. I guess it's supposed to be acceptable to harass guys. You know that if the tables were turned, and the guys were harassing the girls, that the results would be quite different. So, why go there at all? This campaign had everything going for it, and the harassment ad only messes it up.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE that print campaign and the site. It brought the brand back to life from it’s stodgy grave. (Yes, graves can be stodgy.) But the spot where the the father throws his couch potato teen son out the window makes me cringe.

It’s like they thought this was their idea of how they remember the greatest generation/pre-boomer parents disciplining their kids. But that just doesn't fly anymore. Right sentiment, wrong decade. Parents would be thrown in jail in a heartbeat, unlike the old days.

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