good direct mail. why so rare?

Good direct mail seems so rare these days. (Or maybe I'm just not on the right lists.) It's like everyone just gave up and said, "let's do what we've always done, or what everyone else is doing." So when you get a good piece of direct mail, it shines.

That happened to me yesterday. I received a piece from AT&T, promoting their small business services. The piece included a VERY SHORT letter (seen above in the blue square on the translucent paper), a BLANK piece of paper, and a BRM.

The call to action? Visit their new small business site. Tell them what you'd like to see there.

They give you two methods of response - a url, and a blank piece of paper, with the header "Dear AT&T:". Which I thought was genius.

I did visit the site. But I'm going to write "GET ME AN iPHONE" on my paper, and send it back. Cuz I'm a smart ass like that.

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