good creative kicks big budget's ass

Isn't it totally awesome when something really creative and simple just kicks the ass of everything else?

Two sites came to my attention recently, that just totally rocked. Small budgets, smaller brands - and yet they capture your attention like nothing else.

Author Miranda July needed a website to promote her new book, and book tour. So...rather than have her design firm build a deep site with RSS feeds and a complex PHP back end, she produced a website. On her fridge. And it delivers a message in a supremely unique and effective way that you want to show your friends.

The second is from an agency, West Wayne. What at first looks like an error message, you'll quickly realize is something entirely different. Brazen? Totally. But that's a good thing for an agency. Wanna learn more about their services? Schedule a meeting. That's a pretty cool tactic.



Anonymous said...

The fridge does appeal to the cheapskate in me. A dry erase board is what, $8?

darryl ohrt said...

Ha. That's true. I felt it came off more like "i'm in my apartment, i've got to do a website...hey, maybe a whiteboard...hey, let me try this..."

The next thing you know, it's 2AM in the morning and you're wired on caffeine and dedicated to making it happen. Who wants to go to Staples then?

Not that I speak from personal experience, or anything. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think that author site is super cool. I actually read it all.

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