worst album covers ever created

For your pleasure: A collection of the worst album covers ever created. Nice hair.

(Note: Album covers were typically used as packages for music, popular in previous generations. Music was sold (!) in retail stores (!), and it was this packaging that helped the buyer choose an artist. Obviously, there were some great talents to choose from.) From Slippery Truffle.


Anonymous said...

I guess you don't read your own blog, do ya?


Stop biting my style!

Anonymous said...

What's scary is that somebody once said, "It's perfect! Let's go with it."

Anonymous said...

Giuli, I couldn't help but click on your blog. Scrolling along and reading... scrolling... I see this album cover. She is my mom and she is HOT! How dare you say anything about her fab hair, shame on you.

Just kidding.
Pam @ protect the pets

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