what ivanka trump can teach you about marketing

I read this post yesterday about Ivanka. She's got a new line of jewelry. (Whoopee.) The product captures a "young/old Hollywood feel," in an attempt to reach 20 somethings and older women. (Whatever.)

And then, there's this quote proclaiming that the jewelry industry could benefit from a little more youth inspired flavor. "That's the one thing I think this industry needs," she insisted. "I know when I walk into some of these jewelry stores, I feel uncomfortable. That has to change." And she's completely right.

When was the last time you walked into a jewelry store that didn't look like every other jewelry store in the nation, and like every other jewelry store has looked for the past five decades? Why can't jewelry shopping be like a visit to Starbucks? I'm pretty sure that the jewelry industry isn't the only business that could use a little youth-inspired re-invention.

I'm not confident that Ivanka's insulated perspective is enough to turn around an industry - but she's definitely onto something.

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