twitter growth versus blogger growth

Kottke has an excellent analysis on the use of Twitter versus the use of Blogger, looking at the data for both tools over the first few hundred days since launch.

Very interesting insight, although I'm not sure it's a relevant comparison. While they're both technically 'blogging' tools, they have different uses entirely. Many users (self included) keep blogs AND Twitter.

The most interesting point for me is how quickly new tools are adopted, in comparison to a few years ago.

As Kottke points out, "Blogger launched in August 1999 and Twitter almost 7 years later in March 2006. In the intervening time, hundreds of millions of people, the media, and technology & media companies have become familiar and comfortable with services like YouTube, Friendster, MySpace, Typepad, Blogger, Facebook, and GMail. Hundreds of millions more now have internet access and mobile phones. The potential user base for the two probably differed by an order of magnitude or two, if not more."

Pretty impressive to see what a force the web 2.0 nation has become. And yet the users of these tools are still in their infancy. The future is going to be awesome.


Anonymous said...

FYI, Kottke has said the data he used is bad. But the Twitter peeps have weighed in saying that yes, the uptake of Twitter has been more explosive than Blogger was.

darryl ohrt said...

Thanks Brandon. I really believe the most interesting point here is how the adoption curve has changed. I would guess permanently, for the right product. What used to take months or years to achieve is now possible almost overnight.

Just as products and services are being developed at hyperspeed, users are ready and willing to jump in. That's pretty cool.

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