this week at plaid/via:

Here's what happened this week at the world's most plaid design and branding firm:

David found Doggie sex toys. Just in case you need one. It should be noted that David doesn't own a dog.

Justus changed his name. You may know him as Justus Johnson, but we now call him Justus Jackson. That's Mr. Jackson if you're nasty. (Full story, when you have time)

Giuli got a haircut at the place downstairs from our office. Always an adventure - but she looks cool. For a redhead.

Interesting conversations overheard at our office this week:
+ Discussion about prunes and fiber - and which one tightens, and which one loosens.
+ "Stop being such a pain in the ass...oh wait, I forgot - you're a client."

I've interviewed a few candidates for the design position we have open. Plus loads, and loads and loads and loads of meetings, too.

Our local paper came to do a story on the re-branding of our firm. In just days from now, we'll officially be Plaid! Lot's happening on that front: Proofs for business cards were approved, proofs for buttons were approved, and our new voice mail voice was recorded. If you haven't been watching, check out all of the last minute action as we complete the re-branding, on our Plaid blog.

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