this week at Plaid:

Here's what happened this week at the world's most Plaid design and branding firm:

Today was Leigh's last day (in our office, anyway.) We're all fat on high calorie food from the last few days of saying goodbye. There's the convention hall chicken from the awards show, Pepe's Pizza in New Haven, CT (best pizza ever), beer, and italian pastries from some awesome Italian joint in New Haven. Oh, and cake and donuts today. Mmmmmm.

We refuse to say goodbye to Leigh - but have settled for "see ya later." Agencies in Orlando FL - here's your chance to meet an awesome designer.

The new CityCenter banners that Leigh designed arrived, and are being installed by city workers. They look so beautious. We're hoping they'll be installed in time for the Memorial day parade on Monday. Way to leave your mark in Conncecticut, Leigh!

Brian, the intern, is still here. Fingers crossed he shows up Tuesday.

We're still smiling about the AdClub awards we won earlier in the week.

We're making some amaaaaazing new things with Plaid. Our self promotional plans are coming along, and we're about to announce something that we believe will change the way clients think of small agencies. Forever. But maybe we're just big in the head, after the awards.

And we did some work this week too. I think. Maybe Brian did some.

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