social networking goes to the dogs

Sure, you've created a MySpace page for your dog. Who hasn't? Well now, your dog can get you connected with that hottie at the dog park. SNIF Labs has created a social networking device that you attach to your dog. When your dog passes another dog with a SNIF tag, they swap information. So you can go home, download data, and hook up with fellow dog lovers. Or whatever it is that fellow dog lovers do.

If that's not enough - the device can keep track of when your dog sleeps, eats, pees and poops. And you can monitor it all from your web browser. Umm, ok. That's like Twitter for dogs.

The device is even an open source technology - which means that other developers can create applications for it - which, as silly as all of this sounds, could end up with some sweet applications. Not that an SMS alert of your dog taking a poop isn't already enough.

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