saatchi gets fired for doc marten's ad

The other day, I posted about how the Doc Marten's ad felt wrong, inappropriate and off strategy, in my opinion. Lots of other bloggers felt the same way. Looks like Doc Marten's agrees. Adrants reports that Saatchi and Saatchi London got fired from the account as a result of the campaign.

David also points out that the campaign puts Sid Vicious in heaven. Does girlfriend murderin' Sid Vicious really belong there? Sure, there's a special seat at the top for Joey..but Sid?

Doc Marten's: Let us produce a series of sites devoted to punk history for you. Spread the punk love and knowledge, but remain true to the brand, and leave a POSITIVE message for the new generation of punks. We're standing by the phone. Waiting for your call.


Kevin Dugan said...

Here's my comment I left at Adrants.

Please. If it ran without the client's approval, it says more about the client than it does about Saatchi. This is either a scam or Saatchi is being thrown under the bus. Either way it's lame.

Leigh said...

If the client didn't approve this then it shouldn't have run. If they did approve it then it's their fault to some degree.

But, the client shouldn't be responsible for looking into whether Saatchi got permission to use Kurt Cobain (or any other likenesses) in their ad campaign, that was an agency issue. (Supposedly Courtney Love says she didn't give permission)

I agree with Darryl. And I think the idea was distasteful/inaccurate and borderline offensive to the audience they were trying to reach - so if I were Doc Marten I'd fire Saatchi also. The ads are lame.

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