google makes search universal

Google has updated the way in which their search results are delivered, announcing what they call Universal Search. More integrated results now include detail that may have previously been easier found through one of their individual search engines. Like blog search. The most significant change is that it appears that the majority of the web index that's used for search is now being assembled in real time.

As you would expect, internet genius Steve Rubel has some insight and details on the change.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not certain that broadening search results to all categories is helpful, or a hindrance. What happens when we get results that include web pages, blogs, news reports, photos, and eventually real-time maps showing the location of the book/person/thing being searched for?

A web site is a category of information, and past Google searches point me to the category that seems most meaningful. Now that photos and news reports are mixed in, I'm getting a little bit of everything rather than the best of one channel.

We'll see. I hope my next search doesn't turn up the kitchen sink.

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