dead rock stars selling doc martens

Saw this series of ads on AdFreak, and just couldn't let it go. Doc Marten's has excised a handful of dead rock stars, and put them in Docs. Joey, Curt Cobain, Sid Vicious and Joe Strummer. The execution on this campaign is absolutely WONDERFUL. I want this poster framed over my fireplace. (Yeah, that'll happen.)

But as a concept - not buying it. Pulling up dead punk stars to shill products is something you need to be careful about. Doc Martens weren't a part of Joey Ramone's iconic wardrobe. Perhaps he wore them, but it's not what he was known for wearing.

Real punk rockers know this. Why not go slightly obscure (adding to cool factor for early adopters) and showcase classic punk stars who actually wore them (GBH, Minor Threat come to mind.) Fans that don't recognize them will learn a little something about punk history, and associate the experience with Doc Martens. Why not create microsites dedicated to punk history? Bottom line: be more genuine. Fans will appreciate it.

RIP, Joey.

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