young hipsters like simplicity

A research firm asked 100 "most forward trendsetter panelists" in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami, which companies they most respected, and why. Then, they compiled a list. So here's the top 15 brands that urban hipsters aged 21 - 27 love:

Trader Joe's
Jet Blue
In-N-Out Burger
Ben & Jerry's
Whole Foods
American Apparel
H & M clothing stores
Vitamin Water
Red Stripe Jamaican beer

Analyst Holly Brickley says the winning brands "are known for keeping things as stripped-down and unadorned as possible - not just in terms of the product's visual appearance but also in the way they organize their offerings." Yep. And I have to admit, that Red Stripe is looking mighty tasty.


Anonymous said...

Can you please name the marketing / or brand gurus conducting the survey. That would make your post a bit more legit.

Though, I highly agree with the H&M, Trader Joe's and In-N-Out picks.

Fast Food Maven

michelle marts said...

I always joke with one of the creatives at my agency that everything he does is really simple and all his fonts are 10 pt. I'm thinking he's on to something! :)

*IPHQ* said...

Couldn't agree more. Though I don't fit into the age group anymore, most of those are in my top 10, too. I prefer Puma over Adidas, but again, simple design.

Apple has always been classy and simple. Let the products speak for themselves. You don't need a fancy logo when your products, whatever they may be, grab the eye.

The only one that confuses me is the Target thing. Sure, their logo is simple, but they've done so much adorning in other places that it seems like an odd fit in this survey. Their logo is simple, but nothing else about them really is. Just look at their commercials. Very nicely done stuff, but simple isn't really a word I would use to describe them.

Jonas said...

pretty interesting, could you please post the original source? thx

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