this week at via/plaid

Here's what happened this week at the world's most redriffic design and branding firm:

I got back from vacation, and learned how unimportant phones are. After I cleaned spam, there were several hundred emails in the inbox. And only ONE voice mail. Phones are so over.

Giuli dyed her hair red! Now she's joined the ranks of Lucille Ball, Carrot Top, Shirley Temple and Annie. We think she should go for the Annie perm. Try and identify which one's Giuli, above.

VIA crew went to the theater. Or the theatre.

Oh yeah - tons of work, too. Three microsites for a hospital, several advertising pieces for a theater, a ski mountain brochure, pharmaceutical brochure, and some other boring stuff.

On the Plaid side of things, our company's re-branding is crankin'. We've ordered business cards, collector buttons and made significant progress on the website. You can read all about it on the Plaid blog.

By accident, mother nature gave us sun for a couple of days. Back to good ole grey, rainy New England, today.

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