this week at via/plaid

Here's what happened this week at the world's furriest design and branding firm:

Riiiight - how much can really be expected with Darryl thousands of miles away?!

We should have had five lovely days of goofing off - instead we worked quite a bit, seriously. With plenty of dog toy throwing, dog walks, playing with dogs, and taking pictures of dogs. Some napping... some beer drinking. But we definitely did some work at some point. Probably.

Wilson Cleveland and Eliza Sweet became guest bloggers for BrandFlakes, filling in for Darryl while he sipped mojitos in San Juan.

David directed a photoshoot with super photo genius Derek Dudek, at the Westport Country Playhouse. He even got to shoot Eartha Kitt. Roooowr! And a very naughty actress from their current production, Cady Huffman.

Leigh started work on a website for Flambeau River Papers. Should be pretty cool. She'll be using a lot of killer photography from Chip Simons.

Darryl and Justus were both on vacation this week. Both in sunnier places, avoiding the lovely grey rainy weather of New England. The chance for sun looks good this weekend, but I'm sure the weatherman is just teasing us. (Rob, a new freelance friend of ours, helped fill in - thank goodness he likes dogs.)

On the Plaid side of things, we finalized our logo. We ordered business cards. We dug in deeper on the website. We also ordered some pretty cool linoleum block printed moleskine sketch pads for the House of Plaid.

Well, it's 2pm - time to call it a day. :)

(The dogs pictured above, who definitely didn't spend all week curled up on Darryl's chair are... the hounds Ashby and Cricket and Cooper the spaniel.)

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Scott Baradell said...

Watch out...other people have baby pictures too.

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