officially addicted to justin

You're probably familiar with If not - he's the guy who has strapped a camera to his head, and streams video of his entire life to Justin.TV. Everything he does, streamed 24/7. Everything. He's a self proclaimed lifecaster.

Anyway, Geek Entertainment TV has a cool interview with him, live from his apartment. I've only been paying attention since yesterday, and I'm already addicted. I keep a tab on my browser open with Justin, and keep an eye on him. Yesterday, I left the office for some meetings, and my workmates got worried, because my computer started sneezing. Turns out, it was Justin, waking up on the west coast.

Sooo many possibilities to add Justin to your life. Or your brand campaign. Or your television show.

He's sleeping right now, in case you were wondering.


Ron E. said...

For sure can be a very addictive thing, eh?

I seriously had to let a laugh out on the whole "sneezing" issue! Funny stuff.. makes Twitter look old and boring.. what this guy is doing is pretty genius, he's tapping to the very nature of all human beings of being intrusive in other peoples lives. I guess that's just how we work.

Ron E.

Scamp said...

This is a good idea.

Would help solve all those "who said what in the meeting" debates.

Just rewind.

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