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Maybe you've read about how iTunes is changing the way 20 somethings watch TV. Perhaps your geek friend is telling you about Joost - television for your computer. And you've even wasted otherwise productive time watching YouTube videos while at work.

Television is morphing into a new form as we speak. The viewer has become the programming exec. The days of "appointment" television are over. Media distribution outlets are growing exponentially and are hungry for content to distribute. All this adds up to an unprecedented opportunity for brands.

This is a potential boon for small businesses. Television has traditionally been out of reach for brands on tighter marketing budgets. New TV opens the doors of the television world to brands that could never afford a TV buy on NBC prime time. Branding opportunities are no longer reserved for brands like Coke and American Idol.

YOU are the television producer of the future. YOU can advertise and sponsor programming. Because of the countless new distribution channels, your programming can reach new audiences, without an ad budget that exceeds your annual sales revenues.

There's an awesome opportunity on the table for brands who recognize it as such, and get in early to become leaders within their niche markets. What programming is your audience interested in? What holes could be filled?

You've always wanted to be on TV? Now's your chance.

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Hal said...

While I agree that the way we watch TV is evolving, I think we're going to have to see a QUANTUM LEAP in the quality of user-generated content before people start watching on during peak TV viewing hours via Joost or AppleTV, et al.

I mean, sure it's funny to watch a guy light his farts on fire on YouTube on my lunchbreak, but once I get home I want to watch something that has real production value - something that has had real writing and development put into it.

You should check out this post Mark Cuban's blog.

I'm open to the evolution of TV - the quality user-generated content just needs to evolve along with it.

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