Math nerds, beware!

There's a cruel streak to public television fund raising. They present a marathon of all their best programming but make you suffer through overly-earnest appeals at maddeningly frequent intervals. But for you, I suffered, just to see a replay of a talk by Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind and previously Free Agent Nation. If you're reading this blog he's got good news for you:

"The future—the near future, at that—belongs to the right-brained."

His theory is that right-brained strengths such as creativity, play, innovation, empathy—and design will be the dominant capabilities in the emerging economy. That whole left-brained thing is so ten synaptic impulses ago. He did an interview with that lays out his premise nicely. You can also check out his blog. Don't you love hearing that you're poised to take over the world, just by being you?

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